September to December 2018







9th December

Luke 3:1-6

Being prepared

 Nicola Such

2nd December

Luke 21:25-36Watching Working Worshipping

 Neil Hunt

25th November

John 18:33-37Emperors, Kings & Kin

 Debbie Veel *

18th November

Psalm 62:5-12Hope in God

 Neil Hunt *

11th November

Revelations 21: 1-7Remembrance

 Nicola Such*

4th November

John 11: 1-44All Saints

 Nicola Such

8th October

Mark 10:46-52


 Dave North

21st October

Mark 6:30-37Living from the Centre

 Ebow Essel

14th October 

Matt 6:25-33Count your blessings

 Nicola Such

7th October

Luke 18:9-14Living from the Centre 5

 Debbie Veel

30th September

Psalm 13Living from the Centre 4

 Kim Robins

23rd September

Matt 20:1-16Living from the Centre 3

 Neil Hunt

16th September

Luke 10:38.42Living from the Centre 2

 Nicola Such

9th September 

James 2:1-17

Faith in Action

 Dave North

2nd September

Luke 19:1-10Living from the Centre 1

 Nicola Such

* poor recording quality