January to April 2018

 29th April

John 15:1-8 

 Christian Assurance

Dave North

 22nd April

 John 10:11-18

 The Good Shepherd

Nicola Such

 15th April 

 Acts 3:12-19

 From woe to Wow!

Kim Robins 

 8th April

 John 20:19-31

 Authentic Christianity Authentic Church 

 Dave North

 1st April

 John 20: 1-18

 Living the resurrected life / Gospel Accounts

 Ebow Essel

 25th March 

 John 12:12-16

Here is our King

 Neil Hunt

 18th March 

 Acts 3:1-10

 Paraclesis - Connecting /Sermon/ Real 

 Debbie Veel

 11th March

 Numbers 21:4-9

 Mothering Sunday 

 Debbie Veel

 3rd March 

 Luke 13:10-17

Paraclesis - Healing /Study Guide /Sermon

Dave North

 25th February 

 John 5:1-15

Paraclesis -Living /Study Guide/ Sermon

Debbie Veel

 18th February

 Luke 24:13-35

Paraclesis - Journeying/ Study Guide

 Jill Bentall

 1th February

 Mark 6:31-44

Paraclesis - Loving / Study Guide

 Neil Hunt

 4th February 

 Luke 10:25-37

 Paraclesis - Caring /Study Guide

Dave North 

 28th January 

 Mark 1:21-28

 Jesus Announced 

 Neil Hunt

 21st January 

 John 2:1-11

 The Wedding 

 Jill Bentall

 14th January 

John 1:43-51

 The Call

 Neil Hunt

7th January 

 Mark 1:4-11

Who am I?  / Freedom in Christ 

 Kim Robins